Body piercing
is an art that also requires a responsibility of proper care and sterilization of the equipment used.  Professional Body Piercer, Annalee Schott, has trained with nationally known Piercing Instructors and has achieved a loyal following locally as well as from surrounding states. If you intend to add body piercing to your accessories, Annalee is the professional who will provide you with the results you deserve.


DO NOT USE: A&D Ointment, Peroxide, Rubbing Alcohol, Neosporin, Antibacterial Soap or Petroleum Jelly.  Avoid; Hot Tubs, Pools and lakes or cover with a waterproof bandage.  Avoid touching the piercing as your fingers introduce bacteria.  There is no need to twist or remove jewelry to clean.

Must be 18 years old with a picture government issued ID or have parent or legal guardian (must have documentation of guardianship) present.